Thursday, November 3, 2011

Picture Projects

I love pictures! I love seeing the faces of my family around my home, but just putting a picture in a frame and hanging it on the wall can get a little old, so I've been trying out some new ways to display our pictures.

This first one is a black and white photo mod podged onto a wooden board that was painted black and distressed.  I love it displayed on a stand.

I also did up an antiqued picture of the temple my parents were married in with their wedding date the same way.  I originally saw this idea at  She's got lots of temple pictures already distressed and free for your own personal use.  You can also add whatever saying or words you want to them. Go check it out.

Next, I used some of my left over wood blocks and created some photo blocks with pictures of the kids on them.

And the last project was a set of coasters.  I mod podged the pictures to the tiles, then added a piece of felt to the back.  I put a few layers of mod podge over the top of the pictures to protect them since they would be holding drinks.  These are my kids favorites.  They've already tried them out.

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  1. you have so many cute ideas...I love all of them and i might have to copy some, if i get the motivation :)