Friday, August 26, 2011

FAMILY wooden blocks

I've got a table in my entry way that I love to decorate for different holidays, but I've come to realize that I needed something generic to display when there wasn't a major holiday close by.  This year I had my Easter decorations up until the 4th of July just because I had nothing else to put up, so this is what I've been working on:  Some wooden blocks that spell out FAMILY.
The blockes are 3" square.  First I sanded down all the blocks and painted the edges black.  Then I used mod podge to adhere different patterened black and white paper to each side.  Once that was all dry I attached the letters using mod podge as well.  The letters were just cut out of paper on a cricut machine which was lots cheaper that using vinyl and they turned out great.

Now I've got something to display on my table other than patriotic decor until Halloween comes around.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Being a Mom

Dear Lord, it’s such a hectic day
With little time to stop and pray
For life’s been anything but calm
Since you called on me to be a mom
Running errands, matching socks
Building dreams with building blocks
Cooking, cleaning, and finding shoes
And other stuff that children lose
Fitting lids on bottled bugs
Wiping tears and giving hugs
A stack of last weeks mail to read
So where’s the quiet time I need?
Yet when I steal a minute, Lord
Just at the sink or ironing board
To ask the blessings of Your grace
I see then, in my small one’s face
That you have blessed me
All the while
And I stop to kiss
That precious smile.
                                       -Author Unknown

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Earring Holder

For months this earring holder has been on my list of projects to complete.  Last week I took my daughter to get her ears pierced, so today we finally got around to creating a place for her to keep track of her earrings.

I started out with a picture frame from IKEA and a sheet of plastic stuff with holes in it cut down to size (don't even know what it's called)

I assembled the frame and then used little round stickers to get a polka-dot look.  For the frame with just white polka-dots I put the stickers on, then spray painted it blue.  For the frame with brown and white polka-dots I put some stickers on, spray painted it brown, added more stickers, then spray painted it blue.  Once all the paint was dry I simply peeled off the stickers and dropped the plastic into the frame.

Now we have some cute earring holders for our earrings.  I love the way they turned out.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kimball Arts Festival

Yesterday we took the kids up to Park City for the Kimball Arts Festival.  We saw some great Art, but the things the kids enjoyed the most were the face painting, news broadcast, and enjoying a good old ice-cream cone ;)

Looks like we'll be taking home 3 paintings after all.

Whitney's Birthday

Whitney thought she wouldn't be having a birthday party this year with her friends, but instead I planned a surprise party at the splash park.  She had no idea I had invited all her friends.  We had pizza, drinks and cupcakes, opened presents, then let the kids play in the water and on the playground.  They had lots of fun.

We also invited grandparents over to celebrate:

She was very excited when she got a hula-hoop and a DS.  Come to find out Whitney is great at multi-tasking.