Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Halloween is always a fun holiday.  Our celebrations started out on Saturday by carving a few pumpkins.






We also painted a few:

On Sunday we went to my Mom and Dad's for a costume party and dinner.  The kids loved seeing all their cousins dressed up:

Monday Cody and Whitney dressed up for school, but their school does things a little differently.  They have a Classical Characters Assembly and anyone that wants to dress up has to dress up as a historical figure or a character from a classical book.  Cody went as a Hobo and Whitney was Pippy Longstocking.

We finally wrapped up the day with a little trick-or-treating.  The weather was great which made it so much fun!
Cody remained a Hobo, Whitney transformed into Smurfette, Hailee was a cheerleader and Jaxon was the star of the football team!  Happy Halloween!

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