Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bathroom Mirror Transformations

Like most, the mirrors in our bathrooms are just your typical contractors mirrors and I wanted to dress them up a bit.  Here's what one looked like before:

And this is what they look like after:

I just used baseboards and cut them down to size.  They came primed, so I painted them a dark brown color, then I put a black glaze on top which you can kind of see here:

Once everything was dry I simple attached each board to the mirror using liquid nails:

I think it really adds a finishing touch and the best part:  I was able to frame around four mirrors for just $30 :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Way of Jobs for Kids

It's seems like we are constantly trying new ways to get our kids to help out around the house.  In the past they each had a simple job to do daily and they were suppose to keep their rooms clean.  If these things were done there was an entire list of jobs they could choose to do for pay.  The problem was, they never kept their rooms clean so they never did any of the "extra" jobs.  Then when I would ask for their help they thought it was so unfair and that I was the meanest mom in the world.  So today we are switching to a new system.  Here's what we're going to try:

I made up a chore packet for my two older children.  The two younger children will be their helpers.  The packets consist of jobs that need to be done on weekdays and jobs that need to be done on the weekends with a checklist for each room.  For some rooms, like bedrooms, I made a "quick clean" list on one side of the page and a "good clean" list on the back.  The packets look something like this:

I put the pages in page protectors so they could check off jobs if they would like and then put it all together with a ring.  The child will keep the set for an entire week and then switch the following week.  To view or print the entire checklists of jobs click the link below. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rctoyJCvU9OgSgdCZMzoVjxFYNEb_UPiwlI1IDtn4-A/edit#

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Conference Crepes

Each time General Conference rolls around we make "Conference Crepes" for breakfast.  My kids love it because it's pretty much just dessert for breakfast because I let them put whatever they want inside their crepes.
Here are some of their favorite combinations: (notice they all involve ice-cream)
Apple pie filling, ice-cream
Bananas, strawberry jam and ice-cream
Bananas, peanut-butter, chocolate surup
Ice-cream, chocolate and carmel topping
Ice-cream, strawberry or raspberry jam

Crazy Hair Day

Friday my kids had crazy hair day at school.  Here are their crazy looks.