Friday, February 25, 2011

Knotted headband

I saw a super cute crocheted headband the other day that looked similar to this one.  I saw it on a sight called  If you haven't seen Cami's blog, go check it out, she has some great tutorials.  Anyway, I don't crochet, so I thought I'd try braiding instead.  To figure out how long to make my braids I measured from my nose to my fingertip (I know, very scientific) 4 times for the long braid and 2 times for the short braid.  I cut three strands each length and braided them together.  Once the two braids were complete I followed Cami's tutorial on how to tie the knot and finish off the headband.
I was so easy to make that I decited to make one for myself as well :)

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