Friday, February 18, 2011

Faux Metal Wall Art Tutorial

Save those toilet paper rolls!  Yep, that's what these are made out of.
I started by building a frame.  I used 1/4" square dowels and cut them down into 12" pieces because I wanted my frames to be 12" x 12".  You could use balsa wood or anything else for the frames depending on how thick you want them.  I just glued the pieces together with tacky glue.  On this frame I also wanted some of the thicker wood inside the frame.
Once the frame is put together start  cutting your toiletpaper rolls.  There are two ways to cut them.  First just smash the toiletpaper roll flat and cut 1/4" pieces off the end.  This will make the leaf shapes.  The second way is to cut down the length, open it up, then cut 1/4" pieces off the end to make curls.  I cut mine 1/4" because that's how tall my frame was.  If you use taller wood simply cut the toilet paper rolls the same height as your frame.

Once you have a bunch cut start filling in your frame.  I used the end of a paint brush to curl the strips a little more and then just played around with the design and filled in the frame as I went.  Once I had the frame filled in how I wanted it I gently lifted the frame off, leaving the design in tact and then began gluing the pieces in using tacky glue.

Once it was completely dry I spray painted it with a metalic spray paint in an oil rubbed bronze finish.  These are easy to make and the greatest thing it they are so budget friendly ;)  I love thrifty decorating that looks great!  And here they all are hung up on the wall:


  1. I love the new one! This one you used in the tutorial is my favorite. I love seeing how different they can turn out.

  2. these are so cute tammy! you did a great job and now i can make my own :) if you are interested in viewing my family blog let me know and i can email you (it's private) a permission...

  3. Too cute. I love it and would have never thought to do something like that. Amazing.

  4. Wow! You make it look amazing. You did a great job.

  5. from where can i get the metal finish spray paint please? i love in toronto. let me know asap!