Sunday, July 24, 2011

BYOB-Bring Your Own Boat

Last year my family started a new annual Pioneer Day tradition.  We meet at the lake for a day of boating.  The only requirement is you bring your own homemade boat.  Last year we were restricted to cardboard boats only, so most of them didn't float very long, except my dad's.  Last year my dad built a cardboard canoe which was covered in plastic, duct tape and designed to hold about 300 lbs.  Being that he is an engineer, his boat stayed afloat for nearly 3 hours.  This year we took an "anything goes" approach.  My kids built their boat with a plastic bin and lots of 2 liter bottles.  My brother came with a pretty cool tug boat, my mom didn't quite finish hers an we also had a few inflatable boats.  We had tons of fun paddling around and enjoying a day in the sun :)

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