Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pillows, Pillow, Pillows

Right now I'm kind of on a pillow kick.  I wanted my front room to look more Valentinish (is that even a word).  So here are the pillows I've made over the past few days.

and here they are all together:

They were pretty easy to make, but a bit time consuming.  I started out by sewing a square pillow form and stuffing a pillow inside.  Then I cut 6-8 strips of fabric that were about 3" wide and 45" long.  The white pillow is cotton, so I surged both long edges.  The pink pillow is silk so I just surged one of the long edges and melted the edge that would show with a candle.  Then I gathered the strips.  I started by gathering one strip as tight as I could, then hot glued it as I rolled it to make a flower.  I hot glued the flower to the center of the pillow.  Using the remaining strips I just gathered them a bit and started hot gluing them onto the pillow starting at the flower and working outward in a spiral design.  I think it would look cute with a whole couch full of flower pillows in lots of different colors.


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  2. I like the white one best!


  3. I love those pillows. They turned out so cute. You are making such cute things. I bet your kids love the pillows too with the satin ribbon.